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Why choose us?

Aardvark isn’t exactly ‘Madmen’ (we’re more buns, beer and Berocca than sex, scotch and cigarettes) but we do like a good advert. Whether it’s in the papers and mags or online, nothing beats a well turned strapline and a cool visual.

If you thought social media was just 15 year old girls telling each other how much they like some dude called ‘Blane’ or something – you’d be right. However, there are opportunities for us reasonably mature grown-ups to also use social media to promote our businesses.


OK everybody does web design nowadays. That bloke down the pub does it. Your 12 year old nephew does it. Even your nan’s built a site. No biggie. The problem is, well, just look at it! It’s hideous! Practically anybody can learn the code or adapt a WordPress template. But should they?

Don’t you just hate them? Clogging up your inbox with their dull messages, soppy offers and clunky design? Yep, us too. But wait! What if there was another way…

If you’ve been plagued by emails from Ranjit in Delhi telling you your website could be ‘No. 1 in Google’ if you use his SEO services, then may we politely suggest…

You can tweet and post all you like but nothing beats the rich content of sound and films. Podcasts are surprisingly easy to produce – and a good way of getting complicated ideas out there via iTunes etc.